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Stories are everywhere and they impact everything.


Sometimes the stories of our culture are full of positive messages and truths that encourage us to be better humans. Sometimes the stories of our culture are full of negative messages that encourage us to chase our individual truths.

How do we know which stories are giving what kinds of messages? Is every movie from Disney evil? Is every movie from Pureflix good? Where does individual maturity and narrative content fit into the equation? What about using stories to build relational bridges and spark evangelistic conversations?

The easy answer to these questions is with rigid boxes usually created by someone or something else, like a pastor or thought leader or family focused organizations. This answer is easy because others are doing the discerning for you. As long as they know what is good and what is bad, you don't need to think--you just need to consume.

However, what if you were capable of learning how to discern the messages of stories yourself? What if you were able to grow in deeper relationship with God through personal wrestling around your media consumption? What if these both lead to fuller relationships with strangers, family, friends, or co-workers? What if your favorite TV or movie became the catalyst for a gospel conversation in the most unlikely of places?

Parable Arrows doesn't exist to be the thought leader on media and culture for you. We exist to help you to become the expert for yourself and for your own family--to learn the skills, the terms, the questions, and the spiritual disciplines to honor God with what you watch and how you watch.

We teach you these skills through our podcast about movies, fictional works of our own, and free online content meant to challenge and grow your analysis skills.

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